About Us

Between us, we have more than 100 years of clinical experience, 2 PhDs, 25 post-graduate qualifications, and over 200,000 hours of client-facing time. We’ve taught more than 50,000 students, commanded an Emergency Room, and been the Psychiatrist responsible for the Palace of Westminster.

Alongside this, we've flown helicopters, organised regiments, sung La Bohème on the West End stage, open water swum for miles in Arizona, and set up and managed our own chariable organisations.

Now we bring something different to the table.

We believe that in life, to win big, you need to play big and we want to show you how.

Our Purpose

We are a leading coaching practice renowned for delivering bold transformative conversations that touch the hearts and minds of people who either already are or aspire to be at the ‘top of their game’. We are recognised as the 'go to' practice for successful people who simply want to be the best, or/and face a challenge, a dilemma or a difficulty in their life.

Each intervention we provide is unique, because every client is unique.

Amy Iversen Portrait Photo

Dr Amy Iversen

MA MBBS PhD Postgrad Dip CBT

I don't hold back. I am insatiably curious and I cut through small-talk to provide a fast-paced and demanding conversation that gets you results. I believe that you are infinitely resourceful; but there’s so much more available to you if you could just access it. Think of me as a catalyst for change. I will hold the lantern and we’ll walk together guided by what emerges between us. Let the journey begin…

Dr James Kustow

BMBS BMedSci MRCPsych Dip Psychotherapy

What do you get if you bring together extensive medical and psychiatric expertise, years of cutting-edge psychotherapeutic experience, a healthy respect for the body and its need for balance, and a good understanding of nutrition; combined with a portfolio of experience in professional education, group working, and in the building and development of dynamic teams. The simple answer is …….a person you need supporting you and your team.

Will Scott


As a former Army officer and pilot, I am well versed in working under pressure in rapidly changing environments. I have the skills required to lead people into, and more importantly out of, challenging situations. Enabling strategic decision making and coaxing the maximum out of people is just part of the territory. Now I am an experienced psychotherapist and coach. I enjoy working with people who are keen to (re)discover their own potential and wisdom.

Dr John Bainton

MRCPsych MSc (Oxon) PGCert (CBT)

I am a bold, dynamic and slightly unconventional coach. I’m also a singer, actor, psychiatrist, and psychotherapist. Whether you're lighting up a boardroom, starting a new role or project, or just sorting out your life, you want to fire on all cylinders. I promise you're in good hands. I am warm, adaptable and creative, but above all, human. My methods have a flair for the imaginative and expressive - it might challenge you, but it’ll never be dull. I take an integrative approach to coaching, drawing tools and techniques from my broad cognitive, psychodynamic, gestalt and psychodrama background. Lights….Camera….Action!

Dr Fiona Denney


I am passionate about the power of coaching to enable people to find their own solutions and I love working with individuals who have as much desire to see results and positive change as I do. My coaching is typically “client centred” in that I use the most appropriate approaches and techniques tailored to the needs of the person in front of me.

Dr Peter Jaye


I enable individuals and teams to thrive in high pressure environments.

I am an Emergency Room Physician with 20 years experience of making decisions in high stakes, high emotion, and high stress situations. I have extensive experience of innovating and applying methodologies to enable people to perform at their peak in such conditions.

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