Will Scott

Therapy. Not.

My diverse life experience is probably my most important qualification! 

My original degree from Stirling University in Economics and Business Studies belies a life-long interest in business, commerce and politics. Shortly after graduating, I joined the British Army as an Officer in the Army Air Corp having trained at Sandhurst, and was selected to fly helicopters. I was promoted to the rank of Captain and spent three years contributing to the running of a regiment. 

After leaving the military, I spent time in the City working for Equitable Life, and then, after a transformative experience of my own, I decided to retrain as a psychotherapist. I completed a MA in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from Birbeck College with a range of clinical attachments in Higher Education, the Voluntary sector, and the NHS. 

I worked for four years as a lead therapist for the London Fire Brigade, before starting my own private practice. I have recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and have 14 years experience working as a therapist.