Dr Peter Jaye

High Stakes. Calm Waters.

I help people learn from the experience of success and from the experience of failure. Under pressure, you see the best of people, and the worst of people – and that’s what drives me forward.

I am an expert in the application of the science of human factors. At St Thomas’ Hospital London, I have developed and led one of the largest centres in the UK teaching these skills using medical simulation. I have extensive experience of debriefing and facilitation and developed one of the most widely recognised debriefing methodologies in the world. I have developed a training intervention using these modalities for business which has been used by one of largest insurers in the US. Recently I have worked with arts-based methodologies and have developed a new model for human factors that encompasses a holistic approach focusing on the care of health care providers themelves, their colleagues and patients.

If you work in high pressure environments or conditions, I will work with you to allow you to perform at your best. Thrive, don't survive pressure. Alongside a coaching methodology, I bring my unique skill set from A&E to engage and develop you. Let’s see how we can build a holistic and permanent change in your ability to manage the high pressure lives we all lead – I look forward to it.