About You

our successful clientele ARE drawn from all walks of life, professions and ages. what unites them is that they are committed to creatING change in their lives.

Maybe you are in a leadership position in a complex enterprise. You need to rapidly get a handle on how to lead your team authentically and get the results you and your organisation needs.

Or perhaps it’s a matter of life-work balance. Sometimes when high-performers like yourself achieve success professionally, things go wrong at home. The drive to excel, the compulsion to succeed, the commitment to be the best can result in you spending more and more time absorbed in your work, preventing you from being the parent, or spouse you want to be.

Sometimes a trigger event has led you to feel anxious, stressed, or off-kilter. A disagreement or misunderstanding at work, or a loss of intimacy at home.. You probably would not consider your problems to be the remit of a psychotherapist, but by the same measure, you can’t do this on your own.

You‘re busy so you want a fast-paced, pragmatic and solution-focused approach. You may have tried other coaches and therapists in the past who haven’t worked for you, so this time, you need a fresh approach.

If this is you, get in touch.

Areas we cover

What will our conversation deliver?

Rather than telling you what to do, we are interested in springing loose your own resourcefulness and resilience so that you can make important changes for yourself.

In the process, you will gain knowledge and self-awareness about yourself, and of the systems and relationships in which you operate.

You will be able to make direct links between your early experiences, and some of the challenges you currently experience. You will have a clearer sense of your goals and priorities for the immediate future.

On a deeper level, you will rediscover the underlying values that might guide you in your work and at home, and whether these are being honoured to the extent that you would like.

Even after the first session, you will go away with a clear plan of action that you will be held accountable to. Setbacks will be used as valuable learning experiences, and you will receive the support you need to dust yourself off and get you back on the road.

By the end of our time, you will know yourself much better, have understood the important dynamics in your life at a new level, and learnt tools and techniques to deal with the challenges you face.

‘Wicked problems’ need wicked solutions. We’ll help you find them.


Over the years you get to see what a struggle life is for most people, how tough it is, how easy it is to be judgmental and criticise and stand outside of situations and impart your wisdom and judgment. But over the decades I've got more tolerant of people's flaws and mistakes. Everybody makes a lot of them. When you're younger you feel: "Hey, this person is evil" or "This person is a jerk" or stupid or "What's wrong with them?" Then you go through life and you think: "Well, it's not so easy." There's a lot of mystery and suffering and complication. Everybody's out there trying to do the best they can. And it's not such an easy business.