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If there is something you want to ask which is not answered here, please pick up the phone to me; I’d be glad to hear from you 020 7118 1700 or email me at

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The Iversen Practice

The Iversen Practice houses a cadre of carefully selected individuals with a variety of backgrounds, who are all skilled in having what we call ‘bold transformative conversations’ with clients. What this really means is a coaching conversation heavily influenced by CBT which is fast paced, goal-driven, and gets results quickly. Rather than telling people what to do, we are interested in springing loose the client’s own resourcefulness and resilience so that they can make important changes for themselves.

Amy Iversen is the founder of the practice, and oversees all work undertaken. She trained as a medical doctor, and has worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist in the NHS for seven years, with a total of fifteen years experience in mental health care. She has additional qualifications as an executive coach and as a CBT therapist, and uses a blend of these skills in the work she does with clients. She has experience across the corporate and public sectors. You can read more about her here.

The associates of the practice are drawn from a range of backgrounds including psychiatry, psychotherapy, CBT, coaching and academic career development; each person chosen carefully to provide specific and distinct skills. We are confident that we have the right person for your employee or patient; please contact us to find out.

Areas we cover

At The Iversen Practice, we aim to provide a unique service for high-performing, high-achieving individuals who want to make significant changes in their life or work in order to maximize their impact and potential. As such we are skilled at honing leadership skills, management skills, self-awareness and emotional intelligence and how to make the most of these in the workplace. We are also experienced in helping individuals manage crucial life transitions such as promotion, career change, redundancy and retirement. You can get a better idea about the sorts of issues we cover by looking here.

However, because of our background, we want you to know that we confidently treat the whole range of common mental health problems including Depressive Disorders, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, Social Anxiety Disorder, Alcohol Misuse (harmful drinking not dependence), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anger Management. You are welcome to refer such individuals for psychotherapy.

We do not provide Consultant Psychiatry services at The Iversen Practice, but we can signpost you to excellent colleagues promptly if you require this service.


At the moment, the provision of coaching in the UK is entirely unregulated. Anyone can declare themselves an executive coach with little or even no relevant psychological training.

This practice is different. Amy Iversen and her associates have hugely relevant clinical experience and qualifications in psychology and related disciplines, including psychiatry, CBT, coaching and psychotherapy

Amy has a first class degree in Experimental Psychology from Cambridge University, and trained in General Medicine at Hammersmith Hospital, and in Neurology at King’s College Hospital. She undertook a postgraduate qualification in Medicine to further her understanding of the connection between body and mind, and was welcomed as a Member of Royal College of Physicians in 2001.

She went on to the world renowned Maudsley Hospital psychiatry training rotation after this and became a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2004. She discovered a love of academic psychiatry and was appointed as Professor Simon Wessely’s Clinical Lecturer and subsequently his Senior Clinical Lecturer in charge of psychiatry education. Amy undertook her PhD in Epidemiology at the Institute of Psychiatry in 2011. Her most significant clinical appointment was as Consultant Psychiatrist to the Houses of Parliament and its Members between 2011 and 2016.

Amy developed a passion for coaching and mentoring born out of her own experiences of training in psychiatry. She set up the Maudsley Psychiatric Trainee Coaching Programme in 2004 and the scheme continues to this day, thriving. She set up a coaching scheme for female academics at King’s College London that demonstrated statistically significant improvements in job related wellbeing, self-esteem and self efficacy. As a result of this, she was invited to provide training, consultand evaluate the Academy of Medical Sciences Mentoring Scheme. You can also view a video here.

She was a founding coach on the London Deanery’s Coaching and Mentoring Scheme and coached over 40 doctors in training in General Practice and as Consultants across different specialties. She devised a coaching inspired course for aspiring academics at IOP in 2011 which was shortlisted for the Times Higher Education Award 2012, and was then invited to design the first SUSTAIN course for the Academy of Medical Sciences.

In 2011, Amy began to work independently as a coach and since that time she has seen top doctors, ‘magic circle’ lawyers, Members of Parliament, entrepreneurs, captains of industry, traders, brokers, analysts, heads of human resources and many others.

The defining characteristic of all her successful clients is that they have been courageous and unflinching in the face of required change.

Her associates are no different, and you can learn more about them here.

How to Refer

Referral is straightforward. Just call us on 020 7118 1700 or email me on We can discuss your requirements and match your patient/employee to the right person within the Practice, according to this.

coaching for organisations

Perhaps you have a valuable employee who, for whatever reason, is struggling at this point in time? Or maybe you have someone in your organisation for whom the fit doesn’t seem to be quite right, who needs an objective sounding board to help them work out where their future lies? Or you have a team of amazing individuals who are failing to deliver because they do not work synergistically.

The Iversen Practice understands that the human aspect is the single most important factor in determining whether a business succeeds or fails. The human psyche is a complex and dynamic system, which when misaligned, can be hugely disruptive to the smooth running of an otherwise watertight business.

Our team’s experience and understanding removes this uncertainty. We can help with a whole range of employee issues including settling and supporting the first 100 days of new leaders, dealing with complex team dynamics/relationships, impact of personality styles in a work environment, and all of the intricacies of hiring/firing/sickness/grievance from a psychological point of view.

Even if there are not apparent issues, in simplistic terms, consider our services as an Executive MOT – regular maintenance and prophylaxis to avoid cripplingly expensive issues later on. This is perhaps the most worthwhile investment your company will ever make.

If you are still unsure how this will help, you can ‘try before you buy’. The Iversen Practice offers a single first assessment session (2 hours) free of charge to any new corporate/business client for any of his or her employees. We are confident that this will give a taste of what the practice can offer, and demonstrate the potential of the work that can be done if further sessions are undertaken.




Referrals can be received from a wide range of sources including directly from managers/leaders, from Human Resources, and from medical services within the organisation (Occupational Health Physicians, primary care services, and medical concierge). Once we receive the referral, we will decide upon the most appropriate coach for the individual being referred. This will depend on a range of factors including the complexity of the case, the nature of the difficulties, and the budget the referrer has available.



A free of charge ‘chemistry session’ is the first step, as without this, no work can proceed. The individual referred has a chance to have a relaxed two-way confidential discussion via phone or in person with the selected coach to explore the issues that they might bring to the conversation, to sample the coaching style of conversation, and to discover whether the coach is the right person for them to work with.



Once this is established, the coach will coordinate a triangular meeting between themselves, the employee and the line manager/senior who knows them best. This is to establish and agree the priorities for the work going forward both from the point of view of the employee, but just as importantly, the organisation. The aim of this meeting is to reach consensus on goals. Confidentiality and boundaries are also established.



The coach will then embark on a series of six coaching sessions to begin this work over three months, supplemented by as much text, or email contact with the employee as is helpful. The coach will also offer up to three 10 minute ‘laser coaching’ conversations via telephone to power through glitches. After six sessions, both the coach and the employee will take stock of progress towards the agreed goals, and report back to both the referrer/the line manager, in person if necessary and required. Following this review, a shared decision will be reached about the need and purpose of any subsequent sessions.

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what to expect

Call for a ‘no obligations discussion’ about what you are looking for, and we will be totally candid about what the practice can provide and we are committed to signposting you appropriately if we are not the best place for the person you want to refer.

Typical waiting times are less than two weeks, and often clients can be seen within 48 hours. Our experience is that there can often be ‘quick wins’ that can resolve apparent ‘crisis’ situations in a matter of days; especially if early and proactive referral is made before a situation get too difficult.

Six sessions of coaching can often solve deeper routed difficulties and improve quality of life and performance very quickly – we are confident to state this based on our experience.