Talking to Amy felt very natural and we quickly established a programme for my recovery from a severe episode of depression. With regular check in points and working with a psychologist she recommended, I was well supported and am now feeling much more in control of my mental health.

    Nick Baber

    Director KPMG

    Dr Iversen is an experienced clinician; thorough and thoughtful in her approach, methodical and insightful in assimilating assessments towards workable, practical solutions.

    Dr Paul Grime

    Consultant Occupational Physician, Parliamentary Health and Wellbeing Service

    Amy coached several patients at the Practitioners Health Programme and has a proven track record of giving excellent care to doctors. Perhaps because of her own medical training and experience in the NHS, she has a knack of getting to the heart of the issue and creating real change for the people she works with. I would confidently recommend her as a coach to professionals of all kinds, especially doctors.

    Dr Clare Gerada

    Medical Director at the Practitioners Health Programme; Former Chair of the Council of the Royal College of General Practitioners

    Moving from a successful career into a new field, I found the new culture disorientating and I struggled with its values. My behaviour deteriorated and I was not performing anywhere close to my best. Amy’s assistance, including a profoundly illuminating report, was invaluable and pivotal. What could have become a high-dive onto rocks became instead a life-changing period of personal exploration and growth. I adapted to my new environment, my performance once again meets my own high expectations and my personal life is a much happier one.

    Former UK Member of Parliament

    Amy is a true professional and has an excellent knowledge of the evidence base which underpins her work. She combines these skills with her natural empathy and understanding of what makes people tick. I cannot recommend her enough.

    Dr Ira Madan

    Consultant Occupational Physician and Senior Medical Advisor to the Houses of Parliament

    I have known Dr Iversen for a number of years in her professional capacity as a consulting clinical psychiatrist.  As former Director General of Human Resources and Change at the House of Commons, I was pleased to engage her as a key part of the Parliamentary occupational health and wellbeing team, working with MPs, Lords, and staff of both Houses of Parliament. Amy played a key part in helping us develop our occupational health offer as awareness of the need to tackle mental health issues in the workplace developed.

    Dr Iversen brought a unique and broad-based set of skills to bear both in helping us to develop our service and in dealing with individual referrals.  Her in-depth combination of medical and psychiatric qualifications, coupled with complimentary CBT and coaching skills have proved to be a powerful combination in handling successfully the most difficult and sensitive issues and cases.

    Andrew Walker CPFA FCIPD

    Former Director General of HR & Change, House of Commons

    Dealing with a mental health illness is difficult for everyone. But to do so while being in the public eye and in a position of leadership, creates its own pressures. For me once I became ill, the things that had driven me on - self-confidence and motivation - just evaporated. It can be a slow process back to a new normal. But I was fortunate to have Amy and others to support me. I'm not fully back to where I want to be but I am heading in the right direction.

    Former Member of Parliament and Minister

    A consummate professional, Dr Amy Iversen has played a key role in the Academy of Medical Sciences renowned mentorship scheme over the past decade. She has recently facilitated a highly successful UCL executive education programme on medical innovation for future leaders, which received highly positive feedback from both the emergent leaders and their tutors.

    Professor Sir John Tooke

    Co-Chair, Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation; Former President, The Academy of Medical Sciences