I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Amy as my coach. She is extremely results focussed and insightful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her but prepare to be challenged (in a good way)!

    Head of Human Resources, Leading Financial Services Company

    By nature you seek the support of doctors in challenging times. In those moments, you hope to find someone who is knowledgeable but approachable, professional but pleasant, someone you can truly trust. Amy was all of this and a real blessing and turning point in my life. With her support I re-gained my stability, my confidence, and my will to strive (in a more balanced way). Thank you!

    Private Equity Financier

    Amy helped me when I was faced with difficult decisions about my academic and clinical development - she conveyed a lot of experience without being overbearing. Few coaches will have her range of expertise in the human experience - highly recommended!

    Consultant Psychiatrist

    Dr Iversen provided therapy for me over a period of three years. Dr Iversen's very personal manner and her ability to get to the root cause of complex issues was a tremendous help to me. I continue to use the techniques that Dr Iversen taught me which has gone a long way to helping me get my life back on track.


    Dr Iversen was my mentor at the time of my clinical-academic training; she was of great support at a stage in which I was starting my first clinical job in UK. It was my first time having a formal mentor and I did not really know what to expect. She helped me structure the meetings in a very efficient way so that we were able to identify and discuss in depth some of the problems I was facing; this has helped me find solutions and move forward more efficiently in my clinical and academic role. I think she has played an important role in a difficult transition phase of my career.

    Consultant Psychiatrist

    Amy has a unique skill set ranging from expertise in the needs of both academics and clinicians, and her particular interest in mentoring and coaching. It has been a pleasure working with her and I recommend her highly to anyone needing to take a step back and focus on clarifying their career needs.

    Thalia Eley

    Professor of Developmental Behavioural Genetics, IoPPN King's College London

    Dr Iversen holds a rare combination of academic achievement, a respect for empirical rigour and personal warmth. Her diligence and imagination has meant that she has been able to construct evidence based, manageable and believable CBT protocols for clients with complex issues. Amy's personal background in academia and broad clinical experience mean that she can present as a credible coach to fellow clinicians and other hard to please coachees!

    Dr James Arkell

    Consultant Psychiatrist at The Nightingale Hospital

    Amy Iversen is a very inspiring, caring and perceptive therapist. She has the ability to understand complex problems and challenge engrained behaviour patterns in a safe and nurturing environment. We worked together in an egalitarian manner. Her input is eclectic and considered, with an emphasis on what is practical.and often straightforward.  She demonstrates warmth, empathy and directness. She gave me a sense of hope and empowerment.

    Consultant Psychiatrist