I have known and worked with Amy for a number of years, as a trainer, fellow coach and latterly as a coach supervisor. She is an exceptionally talented business and executive coach who approaches her coaching practice with absolute commitment and professionalism. She takes a person centred approach and focuses on the individual client, their organisational context and goals and draws upon a wealth of skills, expertese and psychological understanding to help them achieve successful outcomes. She is reflective, open minded and completely committed to enhancing her practice through supervision and continuous development and is a complete delight to work with!

    Sandra Grealy

    Executive Coach, EMCC Master Practitioner

    I was fortunate enough to receive CBT for BDD, anxiety and panic attacks from Amy 3 years ago, her support and guidance were invaluable to me and I have no doubt helped me on my road to recovery. To date I still put in place the practices and processes she taught me. She made me feel very comfortable and did not judge me at all. I can't thank her enough.

    Financial Manager

    Amy has a very unusual blend of skills and experiences to bring to coaching. This really sets her apart. As psychiatrist and researcher, she understands both the higher education and clinical environments intimately. She knows the pressures of academic life and has a wealth of expertise, having designed numerous interventions to support researchers in developing their careers. Crucially, as a coach, she has the skills to help people unlock their potential and is unafraid to bring challenge. I have no hesitation in recommending Amy and her company.

    Dr Nigel Eady

    Director of the Graduate School at KCL

    I saw Amy at a low point in my life when I developed depression following trouble at work and family illness. I found Amy to be an excellent therapist. She has a very sympathetic manner but more importantly introduced me to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques which have radically changed the way I approach life. I learnt a tremendous amount about myself during our sessions. Since seeing Amy I feel much more able to cope with difficulties in my life and I am able to view the future with optimism. Amy is highly intelligent and extremely psychologically perceptive. I would particularly recommend her to high achieving people who might have previously had unsatisfactory encounters with psychologists.

    Consultant Physician

    Amy has a rare combination of skills and experience: a medical background, deep psychological understanding of human nature based on her career as a psychiatrist and a thorough training as a coach now with many years' experience. She offers a nuanced blend of warmth and directness combined with insatiable curiosity and commitment to her own and her clients' development. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

    Jenny Rogers

    Executive Coach, Writer, Coaching Supervisor

    Amy was superb in helping me explore and understand a number of personal and professional challenges in my life. Her practical, supportive help gave me perspective whilst also giving me ways to develop mindfulness and balance in my approach.

    CIO, Major International Brand

    I have worked with Amy for a few years in an occupational health setting as part of my medical case management of employees who are suffering with psychological illness. Amy has a very holistic view and patient centred approach which worked well to support my patients that were both off and at work. I would not hesitate to make use of her psychological services.

    Chief Medical Officer and Occupational Health Physician

    Dr (Amy) Iversen is a creative tour-de-force in her therapy and coaching work. She works in a highly individualised and focused way and has the ability to move people from where they are to where they want to be.

    Dr Lisa Page

    Consultant Psychiatrist