I have experience of Amy's clinical practice as a colleague, supervisor and mentor. She uses her CBT training very imaginatively to devise effective interventions for the people she treats. When she combines this with her coaching skills, she can offer something really quite unique. I'd recommend her to anyone who likes to think outside the box and who is looking to make real changes in their lives.

    Trudie Chalder

    Professor of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience London; Previous President of the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies

    Dr Iversen offers a unique service which meets the needs of many, combining her passionate, empathic and insightful coaching skills with an intelligent and robust psychotherapeutic practice. I'm delighted to be be able to refer to her!

    Dr Sean Cross

    Consultant Psychiatrist, The Nightingale Hospital

    Amy is an outstanding coach. With her academic, therapeutic and entrepreneurial achievements, she has great authenticity both clinically and in business terms. This breadth of talent allows her uniquely to provide maximum benefit wherever a person is on the spectrum of mental 'dis-ease' or distress, and whichever part of their life is being affected. Amy doesn't do 'one-size fits all '- I got a real sense the approaches she used with me were tailored for my specific needs. Her knowledge, experience and professionalism were very reassuring to me as we explored difficult issues together. The result- she helped me plot a new direction so that I now enjoy life more.

    NHS Clinical Lead and Consultant

    Dr Amy Iversen is a pleasantly unconventional clinician who has an insightful, direct and discrete manner. Amy tells it like it is and her challenging, honest and analytic style can be a game changer for the people she works with.

    Professor Neil Greenberg

    Professor of Defence Mental Health, King’s College London

    Amy Iversen is an experienced and knowledgeable clinician who combines CBT techniques with coaching in a flexible way.

    Dr Julia Bland

    Consultant Psychiatrist DocHealth Service; Former lead for MedNet